Vali Myers - Pathway to the Dreamer

Vali Myers and her toad by Ed Van Der Elsken

Beautiful dreamers of Seven Sisters who fell in love with Vali Myers I urge you to seek her spirit out - trust me, she is still very much alive in her art and her books, her films. The best place to start is with the Vali Myers Trust: and then to to purchase her amazing artworks and new book 'Night Flower: the Life and Art of Vali Myers'. Ruth Cullen's wonderful documentary film about Vali, The Tightrope Dancer, is I feel the truest portrayal of Vali's Fox spirit and a great way to introduce yourself to her story. You can purchase Tightrope Dancer and Painted Lady through

Oceans of love to you dear Vali and to all the mermaids who come to swim in your ocean,

Welcome to the Deep sisters xxx

Wu man by Vali Myers 
Black Shaman in the Sun