Water is Life - New Source for Essences

'Water Guardian' in river reflection after thanking the water

On the New Moon in Pisces and after the days following, Tony and I have been journeying to Warburton to visit our new water source - the crystal clear natural spring on Mount Donna Buang. We had heard about this spring for many years and we have been blown away by the water's natural purity and healing presence. When we first arrived at the spring there was an elderly man with sparkling blue eyes filling up his many bottles with spring water. He was very excited to meet more Water people and began to tell us the story of the spring as it journeyed from an underwater river through minerals, crystals, seams of gold and silver to naturally pour from the mountainside. He reminded me of Guardians of the Well, Threshold Keepers from Celtic faerie tales and myths. He told us to drink it and drink nothing else that it was the purest water we would find. The word I heard around him was Vital - he told me he was older than I could imagine.

Once we drew enough water for our essences and to drink we went down to sit by the river to thank the mountain, the keepers of the land and the water elementals. The photograph above was taken after this meditation. He looks aboriginal and so very wise. And so here is the Water Guardian in the spirit world to match the Water Guardian we met in our 'real' world by the spring itself. Nature explaining an old wisdom to us: 'as above, so below'.

We believe that Nature and her guardians are able to speak to us more clearly now and that we should share their message. The message we received was: 'Water is Life' - we all deserve clean drinking water, it is our right as beings on this earth. And Water is priceless, sacred. Nature's bounty is crystal clear - let's all make an effort to keep our waterways clean from pollution and garbage. When you can, speak out for the Water and for Nature. This gift is sacred and we want it to be here forever.

Forest Watching over the Spring

Sacred Spring

Forest Sprite