Dark Moon in Pisces - The Lady of the Cave

[Image: orda-cave3.jpg?w=580&h=892]
Ordinskaya Cave near Perm in Russia is the world's largest underwater gypsum cave giving it the appearance of a natural cathedral. Photographer Viktor Lyagushkin and Phototeam.Pro asked legendary freediver, Natalia Avseenko to pose as the legendary spirit who guards the cave. The legend is that the 'Lady of the Cave' watches over all divers who enter. Natalia is known for diving naked in sub-zero temperatures with Beluga whales, apparently because they do not like to be touched by anything artificial. I think there's a message in all of this...Water is speaking so clearly as we draw up to the New Moon in Pisces. There are so many planets in the watery realm of Pisces at the moment. How does this element affect you? Pay attention to your dreams and visions. If the Lady of the Cave had a message for you, what would she be whispering today?
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