Year of the Water Snake Essence - Embracing Feminine Wisdom

Serpentarium by the amazing Patricia Ariel

At the New Moon at the birth of the Year of the Black Water Snake on 10th February I created a new essence to be used as part of the Celtic Blessing: 9th Wave Water Rites. Snake is such a beautiful and potent totem of healing and transformation. So perfect for us all in 2013 as we undergo the radical shifts and changes bringing balance as the Sacred Feminine rises to take her natural place in our world.

For centuries the serpent has long been an animal or symbol that has been vilified and demonised and so very misunderstood in our culture. This year in our work with the Swan Blessing and Femmina Unbound our intention is to clear away the besmirching of the Sacred Feminine and in particular her natural wisdom. In ancient cultures the symbol of the Snake was used to represent Feminine Wisdom. In the culture's fear of the Wild Feminine, her natural wisdom was also demonised and repressed and taught us as women to be afraid of our natural instincts, our intuition and our power. My aim with this essence containing the cleansing presence of Water Snake combined with the plant essence of the Chestnut Tree is to reclaim our natural Wisdom again by clearing our mind of over-thinking, confusion and doubt in ourselves and in the natural healing abilities of our own bodies. Just like the Snake the human body also knows when to shed and release. It is usually the mind that has a problem with letting go, acceptance for what is, and trusting in the mystery. The Water Snake essence can also be used to consciously clear outworn beliefs and ideas that no longer serve you.

I invite you to understand the true essence of Snake in all of her beauty and wisdom - she has much to teach about our natural ability to shed the past and simply BE. Snake's message to us is to understand our fears - are they truly something we know and understand or is it a fear that has been learnt without experience or understanding?

9th Wave Black Water Serpent Water Rites and Ritual: $30 (plus postage)

10th February 2013

Created at New Moon on the day of the Birth of the Year of the Water Snake on 10.2.2013 and activated at the Lunar Occultation of Jupiter last night with Water Snake and Chestnut and Mountain Ash Medicine. Created in hand-drawn natural mineral spring water from the wells of the Wombat Forest in Victoria and organic plant essence of Blackthorn Tree or Faerie Tree. Self-Blessing Water Rites for women to cleanse and shed fear-filled thinking and binding ideas and beliefs from this life and past lives. Working with the element of Air to bring Clarity of Mind and Chestnut Tree to remove mind chatter and over-thinking.  Restoration of trust in your Knowing & Innate Wisdom.

Personal Self-Blessing Water Rites: morning after rising & night before sleeping. Pour a small amount of essence in a glass or crystal bowl full of water. As you recite, bless yourself by placing water gently on your body speaking with the authority of your own spirit. Continue for 9 days. 

9th Wave Black Water Serpent Water Rites and Ritual: $30 (plus postage)