Water Serpentina Balance

To honour the Year of the Water Snake we have created new Balance Sessions: Water Serpentina. To begin your session we will create and hold sacred space for you in the forest  under the embrace of the wise Chestnut Tree, magical Ferns and ancient Mountain Ash. A combination of gentle ceremony, reading and Water Rites and Healing, our intention is to provide a haven of Forest Medicine for you when you feel you need it.  The essence of Water creates ease and flow cleansing us of the need to push, strive and force. These sessions are created for you to rest and reflect within the presence of the Forest so that you can quieten to hear the voice of your own innate wisdom.  You will receive messages from your own Spirit on how to release what no longer serves you to create more space in your life in 2013 for the gifts being offered by your own Water Serpentina  - the Wise Healer Within.

Water Serpentina - Balance Sessions

Five Element and 9th Wave Water Rites

1 hour       Cost: $100