Encaustic Beeswax Oracle - What do YOU See?

Hello to all of you beautiful artists, I hope you are finding time to make more art of your life. This weekend I found time to unpack our encaustic kits and see what was waiting in the beeswax! We will be holding beeswax encaustic art classes again very soon. This artform is so easy for anyone to use and I encourage you to pick it up if you are feeling blocked around creativity. It is painting with hot wax - like trying to paint with water - you can't control it and that's a very good thing for overcoming perfectionism! We will have details soon for new class times both in Sherbrooke and at Tree of Life in Kew. In the meantime I will be placing encaustic orders at the end of the month, so please let me know if you feel called to play with the Bee.