Vali, Miso and the Leonine Sisterhood

At the exact point of the Moon becoming Full in Leo a couple of days ago, I met with three women who all in their own beautiful way had recently honoured Australian artist, Vali Myers. The special women were artist Stanislava Pinchuk (Miso), who had dedicated her recent mural at NGV to Vali, Gemma Jones, from Outre Gallery who had curated and created the exhibition and book 'Night Flower - The Life and Art of Vali Myers' and Nicole Karidis, long-time friend and supporter of Vali and member of the Vali Myers Trust. When I woke up that morning I felt energy stirring deeply and the strongest elements I felt were FIRE and AIR. I could feel the fierce KNOWING and intelligence of this group of women and I was excited to see what we would brew together . 
I was also going to view Stanislava's mural featuring Vali for the first time at the National Gallery of Victoria, Federation Square and so this is where our gathering took place. Many people have drawn and photographed Vali over the years but Stanislava has managed to convey her true essence - Vali's regal wildness, the tough queendom of her spirit. I also noticed how proud and straight all of the women in Miso's mural stood and I had the feeling that part of the energy was of restoring dignity to her women or perhaps subtly reminding us of how naturally dignified the female spirit is. This quiet dignity is also expressed in the guardian hounds that stand beside their Artemis-like companions.
We spent hours sharing stories of our experiences working with and knowing Vali - some in person, some in spirit - with Vali there is little difference. Her presence is still as strong as it ever was. It was not lost on us to see Vali had finally found her way into the National Gallery via Miso, street artist and tattooist - both female artists in the pirate and outlaw tradition. This day was so special to me. It poured fire into my heart and spine, I felt myself standing straighter as I left. We all came away with so many new ideas on ways to celebrate and share Vali's art and life in the future and a fierce leonine push for our own creative projects. And yes, Vali was a proud LEO! That is the power of women. When we gather together and share our personal stories and art, we realise that those doors that can be so hard to step through can be opened with ease with the help of our sisters. 
If you are in Victoria, I hope you can make the trip to see this beautiful mural by Miso - all done by hand in pencil, painstakingly created over hours and hours in the deep of night when the gallery and the rest of Melbourne were sleeping. This mural will only be up on the NGV wall until October 2013. It is a small altar to the dignity of women, friendship and art and I hope that it will help you in the way that it helped me.
Love to you my wild sisters, love to you Vali Myers. Together let's keep stoking the FIRE.

MISO at work on the mural
Mural Dedication