The Eye of Beauty looks with Love upon Perfectionism

Here are some recent encaustic beeswax paintings I created in between packing. Making art is a beautiful way to balance the 'busy-ness' of moving and a great cosmic escape from clearing the mundane clutter! The painting above was one that I did not feel anything 'happened in' at first and almost threw away. What I love about painting with beeswax is that very often you are asked to deal with your need for perfection. When I placed the image on our Facebook page and asked readers to tell me what they saw, it opened up a whole new world. I love looking through different eyes - you can read the comments here and I'd love for you to share what YOU see.
We are looking forward to offering encaustic workshops from our new nest in Sherbrooke Forest. How clearly the bee will speak in that forest sanctuary! The details for this workshop will be available very soon xx