Platypus Dreaming at Olinda Falls

Well we have almost finished packing and our new home in Sherbrooke Forest calls to us daily, our dreams. We have received messages and signs from the King Parrot and Magpie about wisdom to learn and share from that magical green world. A day ago we journeyed up to Olinda Falls and sat with the spirits of the land. We sat and meditated by the waterfall and I felt such a strong urge to thank. As I was thanking the water, the rocks, the trees, the aboriginal ancestors of this majestic land, I was taken to a cave in the mountain. Tony was greeted by the breath of Mother Earth, a swirling circle of energy that whispered: welcome.
We will be opening our doors on Saturday 9th February on the eve of the New Moon and Year of the Snake with new offerings of ceremony and sessions that we have received over our 'hermiting'. Last year I received the clear message that all we truly need is our body and the land. We look forward to holding sacred space for you to experience the majesty of Mother Mountain.

Can you see the giant platypus in the stone by the waterfall?
Whenever I come to this forest I can feel the spirit of the 'megafauna' the ancient and huge animals that used to live here. I just read that caves often act as 'time capsules' preserving fossil remains of ancient life. To the left of the platypus is the small cave I was being directed to in my meditation.