Clear Eyes - New Moon In Capricorn

Natura - Patricia Ariel

Did you feel the shift in energy this morning with the New Moon in Capricorn? Time to get going now. Now is the time for practical decision making and more importantly, active steps to put it into place. I have been sitting in rooms of boxes for the last 2 weeks as we prepare to leave our home in Williamstown and move to Sherbrooke Forest. As much as I am excited to be in that enchanted green world, I have always found the process of moving very difficult. Hence, the sitting in half-packed rooms, suddenly caught up in old journals, letters, with all big shifts, anything that had been left unresolved in the past was dredged up kicking an screaming to be dealt with. Today is the first day that I have felt calm in the centre of the storm. I know what needs to be done and I have the plans in place to do it. That is the gift of a Capricorn Moon. For anyone still dealing with the tail-end of 2012, I hope that this power-packed fresh New Moon helps you to clear away the clutter.

On our path it is hard to know sometimes where we need to place our focus. We are often standing with one foot in the past and the other in the future - while the present goes unnoticed. No surprise to learn that the present moment is the only time that is real and if we ignore it too long it has a way of shaking us awake! We are going to experience even more change an upheaval in 2013 and we will be asked to shed, release and let go. We are shedding the veils that have kept us blind to our innate wisdom and authentic self. Like the sure-footed Capricorn goat we have a chance this week to climb higher and get some perspective on the journey. But only if we stay right in the present moment, placing one deft foot in front of the other.  With all senses open we become the awakened dreamer.
Charles Allen Winter (1869-1942)