Visionary Art - Martina Hoffman

Curandera - Martina Hoffman

To create is synonymous to breathing for most artists.If I don't create, I slowly loose my center and energy. Generally speaking it seems less important what kind of a creative process I'm involved in, just as long as I am creating. And what matters to me most here, is how the creative process makes me feel. It fills me with excitement, lets me get in touch with my innermost being and gives me a sense of deep satisfaction and joy. Creating has always been the essential and most important part of my life, and I perceive the creative process as a way of nourishing my soul. Another great perk is the facility of getting in touch with our innermost fears and shadows through our creations. In essence making honest art means facing ourselves at the deepest levels and using this process as a healing tool for deep transformation.

 Martina Hoffman

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