The Knowing - Peter Muraay Djeripi Mulcahy

Indigenous painting The knowing by Murray Djeripi

The Knowing

With sensitivity comes greater understanding, from greater understanding comes finer clarity. Only with a timeless patience, a connective sensitivity and a deeper willingness to understand and see the relevance of all creation come the knowing.
This painting shows a people who were connected to their mother while in the embrace of their father.

Historical painting Elders are our embers by Muraay Djeripi

Elders are our embers

This beautiful symbolic painting is deep in its explanations of the complex culture that spawned it. Loving, nurturing, respectful and whole are all words that best describe this piece and the culture it portrays.

Each part of a whole

A fine detailed painting with incredible relevance for today. This work is another in Peters own indigenous knotting series. This artwork tells of the story of the core beliefs in “Indigenous Australia”. Why respect was at the heart of every thought and decision
What Baayama has entrusted to you I have no right to disrupt, disturb or disrespect.
Historical painting Mainly spirit by Muraay Djeripi

Mainly Spirit

We must continue to remind ourselves that we are spirit first, that we are a part of the all. Our old people knew it and lived it.
They really understood life as a continuation, there’s no gaps in time and there’s no gaps in creation. There’s just the one. In both space and time, we share the same moment and place with all before us.
We do well to know they are with us, so we remember our respect for them, the land and each other.
The physical world is simply a shadow covering our spirit.....
We are strong when we know this.


This vision is two spirit ancestors watching over me. They circle me, keeping me true to what I know and what is expected of me. They came as eagles to represent strength and invoke a feeling of awe. Their effortless flight teaches us of life and how when we allow ourselves to be one with spirit, the flow of life is continual and without effort.
My ancestors allow me to know that I am on tract and not alone. Someone to look up to and live up to. We are never alone and that is our strength.

Birth of the Butterflies

A truly beautiful story depicting the true philosophical nature of our Indigenous people. In the time when death did not exist, creation was suddenly forced to consider it for the first time. After turning to their leaders, clever ones and most wise. The answers to the mystery of life, death and reincarnation were carried on the wings of the lowly insects, Birth of the Butterflies.

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