The Lunar Illumination of Black Moon Lilith

Dark Beauty Magazine
Very early on thursday morning (1.56am) we will experience a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini and she is conjunct with Black Moon Lilith. Black Moon Lilith - our Dark Sister is often where we carry our wounds and fears around the Divine Feminine. Our Shadow is calling to be healed, embraced and understood. Yes this is a week of challenge and tests - do you dare look into the cave of your own heart? What fears keep you from looking, from healing - we are so afraid that we don't dare step too close, we turn our face away. But to meet our fears with love and courage creates such a transformation that the light we carry with us into the cave allows us to see that our deepest fears are often our greatest teachers, often our brightest jewels.
Serpentarium by Patricia Ariel
At the Solar Eclipse last week I created 9th Wave Water Rites Self-Blessing Essence to bless our own spirits again - we do not need to be blessed or healed or cleansed by anyone else - we are our own authority. These Rites are to be performed by yourself morning and night for 9 days and 9 nights. The essence carries the medicine of both Frog (cleansing, purifying, speaking in your true voice) and Black Swan (embracing unique beauty, healing the wound of the Divine Feminine) and plant essence of the Blackthorn Flower (healing memory of shame and guilt). The Rites are so beautiful, light and freeing, they carry the wisdom of my Celtic Ancestors and the blessings of the Sidhe.
In our blessings Tony and I merely hold sacred space and stand beside you as you peer into that cave, as you come to meet your own Shadow - the Dark Sister or Brother. The blessing comes from your own spirit as it journeys with the WIld Swan. We have just created Eclipse Balance sessions for Friday and Saturday to work in this potent energy of Lunar Illumination. 
The 9th Wave Water Rites Essence 9 Day Ritual: $25 plus post

Lunar Eclipse Balance Sessions: 1 hour 
($100 - 9th Wave Water Rites Essence and Ritual to take home)

Black Swan Black Moon Lilith Sessions: 1.5 hours
($160 - please provide birth details so I can prepare your natal chart)

The Swan Blessing Sessions: 1.5 hours
$160 - 9th Wave Water Rites Essence and Ritual to take home)