The Ghosts of Sanatorium Lake

Two days ago Tony and I went to draw water from the wells in the Wombat Forest to create new essences next week at the powerful New Moon Eclipse. On the way home we were drawn to head up  to Hanging Rock country on Mount Macedon and discovered an area that we had not visited before. Sanatorium Lake is named after the Sanatorium that was built in the forest at Mount Macedon in 1899 for sufferers of tuberculosis. The sanatorium burnt down in 1910. As we walked amongst the trees there was a serene and peaceful presence here, it made me wonder what this place was truly called before the very European and victorian name of Sanatorium was applied... in a couple of weeks I will return with my beautiful shamanic sisters to journey into the land to hear the name it had before the last 100 years. Love to all of the ghosts at Sanatorium Lake and to the ancient spirits who have dwelled here for millions of years before.