Reading the Signs - The Seer Awakens

This was the sight waiting for me as I stepped outside for a walk yesterday. A neighbours home being demolished in a matter of minutes. I felt everything shaking around me. In the last week Tony and I have been saying goodbye to our home in Williamstown, farewell to the sea, to the sea birds, to our beloved swans. 
As I stood taking this photo a man with a dutch accent came walking down the street with his dog to stand with me. He seemed to sense that something deep was shifting within me as I stood there and said, 'It is not a home, it is only timber.' I understood his message, that home is what we carry inside of us. He was helping me to detach: 'They take so long to build but they come down quick.' He smiled at me and walked on. I told Tony that I wondered where this man had come from. He was dressed like a tradesman but was not working on this site and I didn't recognise him from around our street. When I turned the corner I walked into a tribe of dragonflies - so many, so huge! I could hear their wings as they moved around me. They seemed to also be whispering: 'let go, let it all go. What is coming is even better.' 
Change is difficult for us all but many of us are hearing messages this year to let go of the past and to re-invent ourselves anew. I feel grateful to have received so many messages this year that have prepared me to begin our move from the Sea to the Forest. I was instructed first through visions to share The Swan Blessing and to take it around Australia - something I would not have dreamed of only last year and it has been an incredible experience for us, connecting to healers and artists all over the country and beyond. I was told to wind down our classes and workshops 2 months ago, even though I did not know why. And then 2 weeks ago we were instructed it was time to move. I have even dreamed of the forest we are moving to 3 months ago when I had no idea that we would be leaving. These messages are gifts. They are channeled through our spirit, from our guides, from the realms of nature itself...
I am creating a new world in the forest for Sacred Familiar and The Swan Blessing and I look forward to sharing this world with you all through an online course called 'The Seer Awakens'. In this weekly communication Tony and I will be sharing the messages we receive, oracle readings and spreads to share with you so that you can deepen connection to your own intuition, recorded meditation journeys in the forest and of course, delicious and inspiring art, photographs and visual delights. This will be a way for us all to begin Awakening the Seer, reading the signs of assistance from our own Spirit and Mother Earth. We will have more details of this journey soon.
For anyone who is facing challenges at the moment, perhaps they are a push to release, to let go and to become the newly invented self. I encourage you to listen to your dreams, your intuition and to pay close attention to the natural world around you. To 'see' with every sense you have is to truly embrace the gift of The Seer. This gift is open to us all but we have to believe and trust in the messages we receive even if we are receiving them in ways that are unique to our own spirit. Such is the time we are living in, a time of innovation and awakening. 
As I sat with the message from Dragonfly, I found this beautiful Aboriginal Dragonfly artwork and story of the Dragonfly by Norma Benger whose people come from Wadeye, Woodycupuldia in the Daly River region on her mother's side, and Barrow Creek, in Central Australia on her father's side. Norma has worked for Menzies School of Health Research for 13 years and is currently working on the causes and effects of rheumatic fever. 

Ngummama - Dragongly by Norma Benger

When babies are born in the dry season this is also the time of the birth of the dragonfly, which hums and buzzes around the air excited about the birth of the new season.
The grandmothers catch the dragonflies to test babies' hearing, making them buzz near the babies' ears. When a baby responds we know that they have good hearing. If not, the old ladies bring the dragonfly closer so the baby can feel the vibration and the sound of its wings, then she sings to the spirits and the dragonfly, "we all must look after this child together to help him to grow and be able to communicate".

So, if you see a dragonfly buzzing around a baby, it is just looking and checking the baby's response because that's what they do. In the past, everyone worked together - dragonflies, grandmothers and the spirits.

Ngumumma - Dragonfly - Artwork descriptionThe centre of the artwork represents the baby and the subject of hearing, the outside circles joined by the dots are the links between families, organisations and other people working to help in the fight against ear disease and hearing problems in Aboriginal people.
Norma Benger