Eclipse Balance Sessions

9th Wave Water Rites for the Eclipse

Last week I created an essence holding both Black Swan and Frog Medicine to be used  in a Self-Blessing Water Rite activated at the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio. I am over the moon with this particular essence - it's energetic presence is so profound. I journeyed deeply with me Celtic ancestors and the water elementals to create this water essence to be used in beautiful self-blessing rites. We are heading for the Lunar Eclipse next Thursday 29th November and for some this Eclipse period has been extremely testing and challenging. To assist in helping to release all energy no longer needed and to create flow and space for what is birthing in this new time, I have created Eclipse Balance Sessions to be held over the next 8 days. 

Eclipse Balance Sessions:  One Hour - $100

Tues 27th Nov: 11am, 1pm or 3pm
Wed 28th Nov: (Eve of the Lunar Eclipse) 2pm, 4.30pm 
Thurs 29th: (Full Moon Gemini Lunar Eclipse) 3pm, 4.30pm, 6pm
Sat 1st Dec: 12.30 and 2pm

In these sessions of balance and renewal you will receive a reading into the current energies and the Eclipse season is asking of you at the moment as well as a shamanic balance and gift of the 9th Wave Water Rites. We will be working with Black Swan & Frog Medicine to remove and cleanse your spirit from the deep memory of shame and guilt carried in the wound of the Divine Feminine. It is time for us all to sing and dance and in BEAUTY.  If you are feeling the heavy burden of energy that is coming up to be released at this potent season of ECLIPSE I encourage you to come and receive this deep and gentle release of the 9th Wave Water Rites.

9th Wave Water Rites Self-Blessing Essence and Ritual:

$25 (Free with an Eclipse Balance Session)

You may also purchase your own bottle of the 9th Wave Water Rites Self-Blessing Essence and Ritual instructions to be performed over the Lunar Eclipse period. This potent essence was activated at the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio 14.11.12 with Black Swan & Frog Medicine. Created in hand-drawn natural mineral spring water from the wells of the Wombat Forest in Victoria & organic plant essence of Blackthorn Flower. Self-Blessing Water Rites for women to cleanse and remove energy of shame and guilt or wound of the Divine Feminine from this life and past lives. Restoration of trust and knowing in the beauty, power and grace of  being Woman.

Oceans of love for the unveiling and receiving of your True Spirit, Julia x