Swans Preparing for Flight

Sulamith Wulfing: Underground 1955
Sulamith Wulfing: The Golden Ball  1955

Dear Melbourne Swans, Over the last couple of weeks we have all been feeling tremendous shifts and changes, so much shedding and release. We thank all of the beautiful souls who came forward to receive the Swan Blessing and release the ties that bind from Past Life promises and vows in this potent time of change. Such amazing Swan Stories.  If the Wild Swan is calling to you, we will be in Melbourne for 2 more weeks of personal sessions before flying to our Qld tribe to hold sessions on mystical Mount Tamborine. It is our greatest love and gift to create the sacred space for you to spread your own Swan wings.

Shining Ones! You are more magnificent than you could have ever conceived. Bring your light forward, share your essence with the world.  You are free.

Swan Blessing personal sessions Melbourne, VIC:  25th Oct - 7th Nov
Swan Blessing Mount Tamborine, QLD:  9th - 10th Nov (11th Sold Out)

You Shall Have Homes, N.C. Wyeth  1928