SHE speaks in the cities

Yesterday afternoon I went walking the shoreline here in Williamstown which is only 15 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. I went first to visit my dear black swan sisters at the end of my street and then to return three large bluestones that I had taken to be a representation of Earth at Red Tent Dreaming. After returning the stones back to their home I was intrigued to see in the distance a threshold totem in the water, the White Crane. It was so hard to see it almost looked like a ghost - perhaps she was...or a messenger from the Aboriginal ancestors who used to gather at this shore... And then I saw Pelican like a giant ship in the sky. 
Many of us are feeling the changes of our Mother Earth and you may be feeling a call to the forest or to the sea. You may be feeling frustrated about living in the city. I encourage you to look around you, to look up above the buildings. We have so many beautiful birds here in Melbourne, so many wild visitors to the city. Wherever you are, you are close to HER. Nature speaks to us all.