Joan of Arc and the Swan

Joan of Arc by Jonathan Blair

Recently I have begun to gather personal stories of The Swan Blessing from healers and artists who have come forward to clear past life vows and contracts over the last 6 months. These personal stories are so fascinating and illuminating that I have decided to include them in a new book about the blessing that will go deeper into the many kinds of Past Life Vows we make over lifetimes and the effects that they can have in our current lives.  

A crucial point of The Swan Blessing is when we realise the promise, vow or contract we have made in our past life and get ready to release ourselves from it. At this point of the healing I ask clients to call forth a powerful healer to stand beside them and assist them in cutting the ties that bind. It has been many times now that I have been told by clients after their session that it was Joan of Arc's essence and presence they felt come forward to support them.  I should not be surprised that a woman who suffered such extreme persecution and who was also burnt as a witch at the stake would come forward to release the soul memory of similar events for others. 
If you would like to share your own personal journey with the Swan to be included in our book please get in touch with us, we would be honoured to receive it. 
Joan of Arc by Gaston Bussiere