The Swan Returns

Hello Bright Ones, we have just returned to Melbourne after sharing The Swan Blessing with so many beautiful healers, artists & mystics in Sydney. I was born in Sydney and spent many years there in my late teens and early 20s - it was  wonderful to return to the cottage in Glebe surrounded by the harbour and the most amazing Moreton Bay Fig trees. An enormous thank you to all of the beautiful souls who came to share and release their past life stories with us. I am so excited about all of the incredible healing, creative and inspiring work you are all getting ready to birth in this new time. 
Oceans of love to the fearless healers & artists of Sydney and we will see you all again very soon, here are some photos we took along the way xx 
Invitation: Moreton Bay Fig in Glebe Point Park Sydney
Anchoring in Sydney with Rory
Listening to the Land
Rory working his familiar magic in the Circle of Arrival
Visit with my mother to her dreaming pool 
as she told me we were mermaids a school of dolphins swam by

Sunset on Blackwattle Bay