The Seer Awakens - Water Witchery

Hello Bright Ones, last week of the Imbolc Eve I prepared new essences and aura veils working with the beautiful natural spring water that we draw by hand from The Wombat Forest in Victoria, Australia. I have created a limited blend of Spirit of Avalon containing water from The Chalice Well, Glastonbury UK lovingly brought to me by our dear brother John Hare healer, scholar of the Grail Mysteries from Tree of Life. I have just 39 bottles of this very strong essence to give you courage to step into your dreams. Please see the special dosage requirements below. I have also created an essence The Seer Awakens to activate our innate intuitive gifts and to see with clarity the Truth.

Spirit of Avalon    $40 (limited essence)
The Seer Awakens  $25
Aura Veil (personal energy protection)  $30
Sacred Space (environment protection) $30

If you feel called to experience the water blessings of these essences please get in touch soon as they are already travelling out to your all very quickly and the Avalon essence is very limited. Please below for more information on ingredients and how to use these new essences.