The Last Path Within Tarot Course

Hello Bright Ones, we are drawing up to Spring and as the wheel turns I am being called to travel more with The Swan Blessing and shamanic sessions. Along with these new travel commitments I am feeling a calling to do deeper work more personally, one-to-one in private consultation. This means I will be bringing my teaching circles to an end for a while and I will no longer be able to offer The Path Within Tarot and Spiritual Development Course. I have felt a calling to commit to our work with The Swan Blessing shamanic past life clearing and The Black Swan work embracing our Dark Sister to understand the Shadow. In this potent time of change I have noticed sessions becoming deeper and raw and very beautiful as we cast of the chains of fear and ties to the past to step into the path of the fearless healer, teacher, artists, honour the raw and beautiful changes in our clients I must be so very present and committed to this work alone.

The Seer  - Wildwood Tarot

For all of you who have journeyed in these circles over the many years, I thank you with all my heart and wish you well on your own adventures with this beautiful intuitive tool. In a Tarot sense, I feel I am moving after many years of The Empress into The High Priestess or The Seer as I like to call her. For all of those beautiful souls familiar with this card and energy, it is also a time of connecting deeper with my own ancestor teachers and the creative well of my heart to complete creative projects that have been waiting for me to have space enough to complete them with full attention and intention. This will see the birth of the long awaited Beyond the 9th Wave journeying and meditation cd, healing cds, encaustic art oracle and channeled booklet and animal messenger totem oracle deck.

The Seeker - Gaian Tarot

And so it is that the last The Path Within will begin on the first week in September. In this last journey of The Path we will focus particularly on reading intuitively in YOUR OWN WAY and trusting your way. I will be reading with The Gaian Tarot as well as the traditional decks as I feel The Gaian Tarot is the spirit of the new evolving energy of the Tarot. I encourage you to choose a Tarot deck that speaks to your heart with it's beauty - a deck that seems to speak from image alone. If you feel called, there are 3 places left and I hope to set you all on a path towards your own mastery as a Tarot Reader - I'll try and squeeze in EVERYTHING I know! You can read full details of the course here:

Oceans of love as the frontiers open to new horizons for us all,

keep dreaming, Julia