Do You See What I See - In the Eyes of Venus

lavandula:  frida gustavsson for british vogue
Frida Gustavsson for British Vogue via Sisterwolf

On Monday night we will experience the Full Moon Eclipse. The Moon is in fiery Sagittarius and just days away from the Venus Occultation when we will see Venus making a visible path across the Sun on 6th June. And so this week we will feel the mighty power of the Divine Feminine expressed through Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, Abundance and Love. Like a dancer, she will move across the face of the Sun unveiled, exposed and radiant. 

Astrologically there has been a lot of energy available to us in the last month to begin embracing our shadow, to bring all of the orphaned parts of ourselves into the light. When we do this we realise what we thought was unacceptable or unloveable is strangely beautiful. In these changing times we are being asked more and more: who are you and what is it that you truly want? To truly understand and feel the answer we must be able to look ourselves in the eye and see the incredible amount of potential and beauty that is innate, within us all, just waiting to be unleashed. Do not reject what is strange about yourself, but display it with love, this is your unique gift and this is what Venus can help us to see with our own eyes this week. 
Vali Myers diary inscription Paris, 1956
Someone who taught me more about true beauty and fearless love was Australian artist, Vali Myers. Here is a photograph and inscription from her earliest surviving diary written in Paris in 1956-57. I love that she dedicates this diary to herself, simply 'My Book'. These inspiring diaries and Vali's paintings will be published in September in an exquisite book called Night Flower by Outre Press. I have read Vali's diaries many times but each time I pick them up I find new inspiration, an invitation to fall in love with your own spirit. On the day that Vali's diaries arrived at my home 2 weeks ago, I took a walk to Williamstown Beach with my friend Sarah and this is what we found waiting on the shore. A faerie house! A beautiful silver mystery waiting on the threshold between the worlds of land and sea. One of Vali's gifts was to teach us to look beyond the mask, the mundane, the ordinary to see the spirit within. May you be inspired this week to see yourself with the eyes of Venus, to look deeply into the mirror and glimpse your spirit. Welcome this spirit like a beautiful creature emerging from the forest, a creature that has never been named or classified because there has never been another like it before. Be YOU! 
Wild Full Moon love to you all x

Faerie House found at Williamstown