The Weekly Familiar - Koala

The Weekly Familiar - an Animal Message from Tony

This week's Familiar is KOALA.

Koala: The koala has come in this week with it's message about relaxation. Koala is one of my totems and has taught me about the importance of relaxing and just taking it easy. This message is reminding us to set aside time to do nothing and let the world go by for a change. The koala helps us to de-stress as stress can often be a major cause of illness. How much time are you giving to stressing about the tiny details of your day? Is your mind racing constantly? Are you taking time for yourself? What is it that relaxes you the most and can you make time to do this more? The irony is we are more productive when we are relaxed. So make time to embrace the energy of the koala today and let go, relax and be. The Koala.
Be Wild!
These are the beautiful koalas at The Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter - you can sponsor a koala for just $40 and they need our love and help. Here is a link  to sponsor a koala.