New Autumn Classes & Workshops

Serpentarium by Patricia Ariel

Hello Beautiful People,

Autumn is already bringing so many changes for us all and my deepest wish is that we can move through this time of growth with ease, grace and flow. Just like a snake shedding the old skin, we are all evolving, becoming the new self sometimes just through the simple action of acceptance of who we truly are and have always been. Tony and I have been so honoured to be a small part of the huge transformations that have taken place in the circles held this year. The energy is deeper than anything we have ever felt in all our years working together and it is a beautiful and humbling experience to be able to hold the space for such beauty & growth. I have great hopes for us all in these profound times.

As the work has deepened so much we have felt called to hold smaller classes in sacred space and we will be holding all circles after this week in our personal studio space. I am very excited about this as the energy has been gathering and building in this space like a deep well and this extraordinary painting 'Serpentarium' by Patricia Ariel will be taking pride of place in our studio as we all open up to our full potential.

If you feel called to deepen connection to your spirit at your own personal pace in a warm and respectful group of like-minded souls, these are the Autumn Classes still open for enrolment.

Oceans of love, Julia & Tony