Autumn Equinox Balancing Sesssions

We are approaching the time of Autumn Equinox (Tuesday, 20th March exact at 4.15pm), this is a time of balance, when day and night are again equal. In Melbourne, Australia the Indigenous name for this season is Iuk - Eel Season, one of the seven seasons for the Kulin People. It is a time when the eels are ready to harvest, when the Manna Gum is flowering and Lo-An Tuka, the Hunter (the star known as Canopus) can be seen almost due south at sunset.
In the last 2 weeks I have spoken to many clients who are experiencing a great tiredness, for some it is frustration or irritation. I feel this is part of the shedding we need to experience to embrace the very different and evolved energy of 2012. To help integrate and activate the sacred energy of the Autumn Equinox I have created sessions incorporating Tarot Readings & energy healing using the newly created & activated Daughters of the Well Essences. In these 1.5 hour Balancing Sessions we will focus on creating a balance between our inner world and outer world (our night & day), to let go of anything that no longer serves us to create an opening of energy to feel into and embrace the new.

In this time of the rise of the Divine Feminine & changes in the earth our auric fields are becoming more sensitive and we are feeling much more. It is important in this time to be keeping our energy clear & flowing and to make sure that we are not  picking any negativity from people & events outside of ourselves. In these sessions we will be working with Daughters of the Well Aura Mist to clear and cleanse your personal auric shield & you will receive a gift of your own bottle of Personal Aura Mist to take home with you - a new lovely smaller bottle that can be carried with you.

If you feel called to experience a Balancing Session & activate the healing of the Autumn Equinox I will make a time for you.

Warm wishes, Julia

Autumn Equinox Balancing Sessions:  Including Tarot Reading, Shamanic Sound and Water Healing,  Using Daughters of the Well organic plant and natural spring water essences, essential oils & unctions  (Includes a gift of your own personal Daughters of the Well Aura Mist)