Answering the Call - the Living Path

One morning I watched as a woman in her late 40s walked out on to the volcanic bluestone rocks on Point Gellibrand in my home of Williamstown, stripped off and dove out into the deep sea. The sea here is very deep and the tides stronger than people realise, it is not a place where I've seen anyone swim before and I was blown away by her strength and fearlessness. Waiting on the rocks was her beautiful companion, a strong black dog who with great focus watched his mistress swim out to the depths. Not too long after she climbed easily back onto the rocks, dressed quickly and off she and her dog went into the distance. This small and great moment has stayed with me.

This year more than any other we are hearing the call of Mother Nature & the wise voices of our ancestors. We are feeling the earth moving and breathing beneath, around & through us - the spirits of the earth are awakening. In Williamstown we are on a peninsula surrounded on three sides by water, on our shores are ancient volcanic bluestones like the ancient markers of Stonehenge - geologists are still amazed at the strange rock formations found here - they are a mystery. We are on land of the Kulin Nation, the spirit of those ancient Aboriginal tribes is still with us here. We are on the land of the first white settlement in Victoria, home to sea captains and sailors, convicts & orphans, a place of Arrival for many, from all over the world.

This year Tony and I will be sharing the energy of this beautiful & sacred land in our workshops & classes as we remember again those who have gone before. We can learn much from these spirits of the land.

The Oracle Speaks: learning to channel messages from the Earth's Oracles & reading the Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air. Receiving the wise wisdom from our own hearts & from Spirit.  Includes Full Moon meditation & journey on the rocks at Williamstown Beach.
Commitment to Self Circle: A night of honouring our spirit as we journey with the ancient Celtic grandmother An Cailleach who will help us to shed what we no longer need to embrace our radiant future. All proceeds of this night go to the koalas at the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter.
Beyond The Ninth Wave: Dedicated to the wise grandmother An Cailleach, in this 6 week course of developing your own personal practice, building strength and resilience, we will discover the ancient teachings of the wise ancestors of the Celtic Otherworld. Develop connection to your own Animal Totems, Plant Helpers & Spirit Guides.  Includes Full Moon meditation & journey on the rocks at Williamstown Beach.