Mirror, Mirror - Looking forward to 2012 Classes!

Hello beautiful people! We are in the lead-up zone to the Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini tomorrow night. A beautiful time of insight and deeply intuitive impulses that hopefully help you to understand just where you want to be in 2012. Eclipses tend to bring up issues from the depths into the light and this will be an intensely felt eclipse - you may want to still be in Hermit mode to avoid some difficult energy as Mercury is still in retrograde until 13th December. It will be a beautiful weekend for taking it slow and going within - all the answers you need are inside yourself waiting to be unlocked.

We are so excited to let you know about the new workshops and classes we'll be teaching next year - lots of changes - lots more art!! Yay for that! I have been feeling more and more that the deep healing we need will be unlocked through art and much of what I'll be offering next year will be involving different art mediums to help you unlock creativity - a sure path to the embodied self. Next year is all about developing trust to our own knowing.

As you know we like to keep our classes small to work deeply so please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to take part in these classes as they will fill up fast. In some classes we will have to offer places to those who have studied with us previously and are most suitable - particularly in the channeling course: The Oracle Speaks.

Much love for all of your new creations - especially that beautiful creation: YOURSELF!

Looking forward to sharing with you all next year,

Waterfalls of love,
Julia & Tony xx