Kyanite Aura Mist created on the Full Moon Eclipse

On Saturday night just after midnight at the time of the Full Moon Eclipse thunder and lightning illuminated a sky tinged with a red blush. In this energy of wild nature, I created the latest batch of Kyanite Mist Sacred Space & Energy Protector Spray. It was a beautiful experience to prepare the sacred water from the wells in the semi-darkness as the wind and rain swirled through the open window. I kept calling the blue bottles 'my blue ladies' as I measured and poured by candlelight the blend of plant, stone and water essences.

The main ingredient of the Aura Mist is the wonderfully protective and cleansing gem essence of desert Kyanite gathered from Northern Territory gifted to me by my dear friend and wild Earth Woman, Martina of Nature's Art Melbourne. The medicine of the stone Kyanite is one of keeping your own 'essence' - free of any other energy. It has the power of never needing any cleansing, it simply will not retain any negative energy from anyone or thing and I think this is particularly needed in these changing times - not to shield ourselves but to remain in our own unique and authentic essence.

The generous Lilly Pilly tree that shared her medicine and essence

For the first time I have also added the Australian plant essence of Lilly Pilly. The Lilly Pilly is a rainforest plant known for creating balance in energy fields and can sweep clutter from the body and psyche. Lilly Pilly brings a lightness to the body and space around us. I also created the Lilly Pilly plant essence over the weekend of the eclipse. Added to these healing waters are the pure essential oils of Lavender, Rose Geranium & Bergamot.

Many of you may still be feeling the energy of the Full Moon Eclipse as the transformation continues to move through us over the next couple of weeks. I'm finding this Full Moon Kyanite Mist is quietly and calmly keeping the space around me clear of confusion and clutter, enabling me to keep dreaming in new ideas for change and growth for next year. I spray it not only around my rooms but all over my body - the smell and feel is nurturing and grounding.

I have just 10 bottles of this Full Moon Eclipse Kyanite Aura Mist left after filling orders so please let me know as soon as you can if any of these 'blue ladies' are calling to you, the cost is $25 each including postage.

Waterfalls of love,