Golden Dreams for your Summer Solstice

Vali by Patricia Ariel

Good morning everyone! Wishing you a beautiful Summer Solstice today. The incredible painting 'Vali' by my dear friend Patricia Ariel above was channeled and painted in one evening after I introduced Patricia to Vali Myer's art and spirit. I don't think any other artist has captured the essence of Vali so perfectly. She was a Solar Queen! Such is the inspiration and magical power of art and intuition. I hope that you feel the pure gold essence and joy of the Sun today.

Riverside Evening, Harold Hitchcock

The direct point of the Midsummer will be at 4.30pm. Make a wish and step into the music. Let's show up as our true selves in the Golden Light of 2012. More sharing, more art, more passionate creativity in nature's wild embrace!

A deeply felt thank you and enormous hug to everyone who has shared with us this year and we look forward to welcoming you into the music in 2012.

Waterfalls of honey, Julia and Tony xxx