Preparing for the New Moon Eclipse - LET'S MAKE MORE ART!

El Oraculo Celoso, Mariana Palova 2011

Hello beautiful people,

well Mercury goes Retrograde today in the Dark Moon as we prepare for a New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius tomorrow - wow, how much can we handle?! The answer: EVERYTHING, we can handle everything. The key is to handle it in your own individual way. Some of us are going into Hermit mode while others are feeling the glorious Fire of Sagittarius and gearing up for the party season. I believe this incredible period of time we are living in where the Divine Feminine is rising from the depths again is about discovering, exploring and living your own true authentic spirit. So do what your spirit is urging you to do!
In the Dark Moon tonight is a perfect time to work with your Tarot cards to gain clarity and understanding of the changes that are happening and to create conscious pathways to a radiant future. I am so in love with the Gaian Tarot at the moment and have been using this nourishing and healing deck with all of my clients and in my own readings for myself. Here is The Seeker (The Fool) from the Gaian Tarot - an inspiring visual of the energy of this New Moon Eclipse.
Eclipses tend to activate breakthroughs and insights and sometimes illuminate and bring forward issues that we've been trying to hide from or avoid. And partnered with the energy of Sagittarius it could get fiery so be aware that with Mercury in Retrograde, mis-communication is a theme. I'd be giving difficult types a wide berth and instead focussing this creative and fire-filled time of rebirth into creative projects - tomorrow would be perfect day to create a new Vision Board for your dreams for 2012.

Below is the vision board I created for 2011 - I had no idea at the time that I would be working with water essences and healing with water, working with clients to bring light to the shadow-self or even to discover my own Black Moon Lilith in the Fire Sign of Leo - but here it all is waiting to be brought forward from the dreamworlds and very present in my unconscious. By engaging with our creativity we create portals to explore the magical and inspiring realms of our Inner Knowing. Let's make more art!

My Vision of 2011
Tomorrow Tony and I will be heading back into the Wombat Forest to draw water from the forest wells for new plant essences to be made at the New Moon Eclipse - I can't wait to see how the essences become energised on this potent day! 
Wishing you all a wonderful New Moon tomorrow, may you all be birthed anew in the warm embrace of Sagittarius.