Daughters of the Well - Sacred Water and Sound Healing

Good morning everyone and happy New Moon in Scorpio. The New Moon was born this morning at 6.57am and the energy of this fresh & dynamic moon after a particularly challenging & turgid week leading up is much needed.  

To celebrate this period of watery rebirth I am so very happy and excited to announce my new healing consultations: Daughters of the Well - Sacred Water & Sound Healing. In these shamanic healing sessions I will be working very closely with the beautiful and sacred water collected from the deep forest well in Wombat Forest and our own Forest Well Plant Essences. During the healing you will feel the calming and soothing benefits of the natural spring water collected from these ancient springs as it helps you to release and clear old energy and blocks. Once cleared you will be supported in a bed of sound and music as the water creates a new and strong flow of energy to help you to connect to new pathways and healing. (Please see the testimonials below for an idea of the shifts experienced from the healings and essences).

Launch Offer: Personalised Annointing Essence - For the first 20 people to book a Daughters of the Well Healing, I will create a personalised blend of Healing Annointing Essence for you to take home and use in further healings, cleansing sacred space and healing tools. 

The Daughters of the Well Healings will take one hour and the cost is $90 (including personalised annointing essence).

Warmest Wishes for New Flow, Julia

Hiya Julia,
I am feeling really 'together'.  Thank you so much for the wonderful Healing session, including the insight you provided me through our conversation.  I truly believe that you are possibly the only person that has understood me and what it is like to be in a dark place for a period in life.  The light and guidance you provided was so inspiring and I felt an immediate hopefulness take the place of fear ('Breakthrough not Breakdown').  Your beautiful healing with the treasured natural spring waters and mother nature's wattle was transformative.  My heart felt as though it was filled and turned into a colourful bloom of flowers and I came away feeling peaceful, hopeful and motivated toward happier days. I truly appreciate your gift and all of your efforts to share it with us.  
Kerryn, Oct 2011

"Dearest Julia,

The benefits felt of your "Grounding Essence", since I started using it, were absolutely amazing and very powerful.  The Grounding Essence became my best friend, I carry it with me at all times  and use it often.  I am very sensitive person and get affected easily by outside world and energies around me-protection in all forms is very important & essential for me-I found your Essence very useful and when taken, I do feel at peace, very grounded, calm and protected.  I also benefit from your beautiful Essence as a Reiki and Seichim healer-it keeps me extra grounded and protected from any unwanted energies, helps with my focus by keeping me even more calmer and centred.  It also works very well with the Bach Rescue Remedy...I've also noticed that when I use your Essence, my heart opens up even more and is beaming with a beautiful feeling of an unconditional love.  I've experienced a very special thing the first time I used it and this is what actually happened: One of my ex friends, that I had to let go some time ago, was on my mind a lot that particular week-even though I was sending her way lots of Love, Blessings and Forgiveness, I just couldn't get her out of my mind.  Your wonderful and magical Essence changed all that-the same afternoon I collected Grounding Essence from you, dear Julia, I took 3 drops as soon as I got home, and boom!!!  It just happened, just like that, out of the blue-I felt this glorious warmth of Love, a beautiful feeling of unconditional Love went through my veins and I forgave her, instantly-asked her to forgive me and to let each other go!!!  It was such a wonderful and magical experience, a very special feeling of pure Love.  Haven't thought of her since then-am actually thinking of her now, in a totally different way-she went through my mind very quickly, like when a bird flies near you so quickly that you barely noticed it, with no hard feelings attached-only Love is felt! Thank you so very much dearest Julia for introducing me to your beautiful Essence and sharing it with me-I absolutely love it and will definitely be getting more of it from you & recommending it to others who could benefit from it.  It also helps me with my meditation-opens my Third Eye Chakra even more and helps with my visions...You are doing an amazing job beautiful lady-am thanking Universe for sending you my way and am very blessed to have you in my life...Much Love and Blessings to you always" 
Saska, Oct 2011

Trentham Falls, Vic, the 'White Lady' of Forest Well Essences