Forest Well Essences

Before taking a month off in July-August I told everyone that I was going away to 'fill the well' - I had no idea of how prophetic this expression would be. In this time of well-filling Tony and I travelled around Victoria visiting waterfalls, oceans and natural spring healing wells in Victorian forests and you can see some of these beautiful sites here. We will be working with the healing water from these sacred wells and the Celtic healing practice of 'clootie making' in the Spring Equinox Circle - read more about clooties here

In these green and wild places I became inspired by the incredible beauty and immense healing power of sacred water sources. This burst of inspiration has led to the creation of Forest Well Essences. Vibrational flower essences that we are blending with natural spring water from the Wombat Forest. 

The first batch has already begun flowing out to our students and we have had some wonderful and confirming feedback of their powerful and grounding effects. I have just 13 bottles left until we venture into the forest to connect and collect from the wells again. We are only making these first essences available to our subscribers. This first essence is 'Energy Protector' dedicated to the strong and protective Scottish goddess Scathach. This blend has been created from elemental flower essences from the sacred gardens of Findhorn in Scotland and healing water from the geothermal springs in the Wombat Forest. 

We have created this essence to help create Sacred Space and Grounding when you need it. It is a beautiful essence to help you ground during difficult times or before meditation and to protect your energy and sacred space when you are experiencing negativity from outside sources. It is also a very helpful companion for anyone working as a healer, counsellor or teacher to create sacred space and cleanse energy in your healing rooms. 

If you would like to purchase one of the remaining bottles of Energy Protector they are $15 on their own or $10 if booked with your healing or reading appointment. Warm Wishes and may you be inspired by the wonderfully intuitive and water-filled Pisces Full Moon this Monday, 

Julia & Tony