We love Koalas!

Here are some photos of the beautiful recipients of the $700 that was raised last month at the Winter Solstice Meditation circle. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Colleen Wood and her volunteers are doing amazing preservation work with koalas. If you'd like to help her to help more koalas (she does it all without any funding from the government) you can 'adopt' a wild koala during it's stay with Colleen and you will receive updates on how your koala is healing before receiving a photograph of your koala returning back to the wild once it is fit and healthy again - now that is special!

To find out more about this vital and important program and the work of Colleen Wood, please go to: www.samthekoala.com.au

Colleen and Alvin
Alvin the biggest koala we have ever seen (about 15kg) looking strong and healthy and very different from the  state he arrived in.

Tony and Jacob who walked over to see what everyone was talking about and to get another cuddle

Me and Jacob