New Moon today - Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll!

I love this little boy - yep! Thumbs up for Rock and Roll on this beautiful morning of the last of the eclipses - welcome to your New Moon. I hope that you all begin to benefit from this more expansive and flowing energy very soon.
Today we are launching our new Shamanic Tarot Course: The Golden Temple opening at the Spring Equinox in September. This course is the 3rd & final wheel of the Tarot Mysteries and is open to anyone who has completed The Path Within. This course is half-full already and we are only taking 10 students so please let me know as soon as you can if you wish to join us. The Golden Temple will be taught by both Tony and I as we develop strong and clear connection to our Animal Totems & Spirit Guides, journey with our Animal Totems on the Drum, develop psychic protection and grounding before learning to channel direct messages from Spirit. We are so very excited to be offering this new course that brings the Tarot Mysteries and Shamanic journeying together.
There are also a couple of places left in each of these new circles:

New Moon wishes to you all,
Julia & Tony