Autumn Equinox Meditation & Intuition Circle

Hello Everyone,

at the auspicious time of the Autumn Equinox on Wednesday 23rd March we are opening up a new Meditation and Intuition Development Circle. The Autumn Equinox is a beautiful balancing point in the light and dark of the year and is a particularly potent time for creating change in our lives with the Sun in the sign of Aries. 

I love these circles, not only do we get to relax deeply but we also discover ways to communicate with our personal guides & spirit helpers. Each week we learn new skills to deepen our intuition as well as practicing healing techniques. Through guided meditation we take sacred journeys, path-working with Goddesses & Gods, Animal Totems, Family Ancestors & Ascended Masters. In each class Tony & I give personal readings to every member of the group to assist them on their journey. 

If you feel called to learn new techniques to create more peace and balance in your life in a warm and relaxed group, please get in touch with me to book your place in this circle,

Warm Wishes,