Spinning the Threads of New Learning at the Full Moon

When I woke up this morning I felt as if a weight had moved from my shoulders. Ah, the full moon! On Friday we finally experienced Venus going direct after being in such a tough retrograde for the last month. Venus has not completed all of her 'Shadow' work yet (she will move back into Scorpio on 30 November for her last dance with the shadow until mid-December) but there is no doubt that we can enjoy some flowing movement for the next week. Tonight we will see and feel the Full Moon in the last degrees of Taurus as the Sun moves into the dynamic sign of Sagittarius at around 9.15pm.

Rebekah Holguin

So what has Venus been showing and helping you to face during her retrograde? Venus is the Goddess of Love - have you noticed any relationships from the past popping into your mind to be examined, remembered, released? When Venus is in retrograde I liken it to the image above - she has to step into the waters of the past to retrieve the deeper and hidden wisdom that we hold around relationships, boundaries and love for ourselves.  Now that she has gone direct, use the intuitive flashes, new understanding and hopefully healing that Venus has facilitated to make that final reach for the gold that waits deep within our inner knowing. The gold of acceptance and then release from the past.

I see the full moon tonight as an enormous spinning wheel - a symbol of transformation. We are always growing and learning and evolving just like the moon, the earth and nature's cycles. I have been fascinated with the image of the spinning wheel since working with Venus. I like to imagine that with all we have learnt last month that we can now spin the strands of the past, with the present to create the future that we truly desire. In the Tarot we see a similar movement in The Wheel of Fortune - a card that reminds us that sometimes we just have to trust that the Wheel of Life will turn regardless of not knowing what that turn will be.

The Wheel - Gaian Tarot

Has Venus been asking you to think about the need or desire to control relationships in your life? Surrender and open your heart to the full moon tonight as the great spinning wheel in the sky helps to weave together the threads of your life to bring symbiosis and integration and most importantly, to create the gold that will be waiting for you once this process is complete. Next month we will feature the amazing art of Nadia Turner in our newsletter and below is her exquisite sketch of 'The Weaver' - may the threads turn to gold for you this evening.

The Weaver by Nadia Turner www.waywardharper.com